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Kalamos Island

Even at the first sight from a distance, Kalamos captivates with its unusual, wild landscape.

The centre of the island is the port of Kalamos, which is on the eastern side. This is where many people sailing the Ionian, moor their boats in order to visit the island, enjoy some seafood or seek refuge from bad weather.

The houses of Kalamos, clambering high above the port, are stone-built, most with tiled roofs, built tightly-packed next to each other and intersected by narrow, winding lanes.

On the other side of the island is Porto Leone, a charming, little bay so named by the Venetians who first drew up the maps of the area. Nearby is an old bridge built many centuries ago. The pine forest is very rare and the only other forests of this type are found on the Sporades islands in the Aegean Sea. It is a thickly-grown verdant forest, powerful and vibrant and home to many species of birds.

The road from Kalamos to Episkopi also leads down to the little beach of Ayios Konstantinos. Here, right in front of the waves, there is a small and pretty private church dedicated to Ayios Donatos, a saint encountered mainly in the Ionian Islands.

Menu - Caffe, Crepes, Drinks

Taste and homemade care by Anna.

    Coffee - Greek coffee, espresso, capuccino, fredo, frape
    Any coffee you choose, the enjoyment is all yours.

    Breakfast - Start your day with Anna's special breakfasts: English, Greek, Omelettes. All breakfast meals are served with fresh orange juice, butter jam and toasted bread.

    Sandwitch and Toasts - For a quick delicious meal.
    Sweet Crepes - with chocolate Nutella, honey and nuts, with Grand Marnie, with fruits or any combination you love.
    Crepes - with ham and cheese, beacon, hamburger, peppers, tomato and a large variety of salads. Any combination you choose we can make it tasteful.
    Waffles - Biscuit with ice cream of your choosing, with chocolate, honey and yogurt or fruits.
    Ouzo and meze - The Greek choice.
    Ice creams - Milk shake - Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, stracciatella, peanut and more.
    Drinks - Cocktails- Refreshments - Tequila sunrise, mochito, pina colada, white Russian and more.
    Beer - Draught beer in chilled glass.

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